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Language Arts
Social Studies
World Language
Elizabeth Jeter
Jim Lund
Leticia Lara-Contreras
English 7 History 7 Spanish
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Margarita Santos
Arut Kadyan
English 7 History 7
Physical Education
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Tremayne Gipson
Felicia Villaruel
Kimberly Amador PE
English 7/8 History 7/8 Email
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Reyes Mendoza
Brittany Siason
Manuel Madrid-Olguin PE
Writing History 8 / Get Focus/Stay Focus Email
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Glenda Woodrow
Daniel Hill
Vanessa Salinas-Rivera PE
Read 180 / Get Focus/Stay Focus History 8 Email
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Brenda Medina
English 8
Micaela Morales
English 8
Science Electives
Adam Penrose
Javier Alcocer
Toni Sicillano
Math 7 Science 7 Art
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John Rastatter
Vickie Borcher
Lorraine Michaelson
Math 7 Science 7 Digital Art
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Jesse Vickers
Jeff Nakamura
Guillermo Regalado
Math 7/8 Science 7/8 Computer Discoveries
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Jennifer Clark
Richie Ruiz
Victoria Zieber
Math 8 Science 8 Mariachi/Band/Choir
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Eddie Torres
Elva Garcia
Math 8 MESA / Science
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Special Education
Resource & Support Team
Resource & Support Team
Heather Miller
Elena Moreno
Clarinda Rivera
Self-Contained 7/8 Counselor Speech Therapist
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Cristina Valladarez (831) 678-6460 (831) 678-6460
Danelle Mercer
Cindy Hernandez
Email Counselor Clerk
Sonya Navarro Email Email
Math (831) 678-6460 (831) 678-6460
Tamara Gonzalez
Ulda Valverde
Christopher Phillip Media Center/Library Clerk Licensed Marriage Family Therapist with Monterey County Behavioral Health
Science Email Email
Email (831) 678-6472 (831) 678-6460
Christopher Knight
Lorenzo Dominguez
Lucila Perez
Push In/Pull Out Family and Community Liaison Migrant Resource Teacher
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Kristi Burns (831) 678-6476 (831) 512-3556
Push In/Pull Out
Aidee Aldaco
Elizabeth Fausto
Email District-Wide Community Liaison Migrant Educational Advocate
Elisa Oliver Email Email
Push In/Pull Out (831) 678-6460
Marisol Saldana
Mayra Amador
Migrant Family Service Advocate
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(831) 678-6460 (831) 229-4950
Office Staff
Vickie Castro
Dr. Lois M. Peterson
Secretary III Principal
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(831) 678-6463 (831) 678-6463
Araceli Galvan
Angelica Fonseca
Attendance Secretary Assistant Principal
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(831) 678-6476 (831) 678-6460
Nory Mota Carrie Sebora
Secretary I Interim Assistant Principal
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(831) 678-6460 (831)678-6460
Lydia Peralta
Secretary I
(831) 678-6461
Sofia Martinez
ASB Clerk
(831) 678-6460 ext. 36560
Monica Guzman
Health Aide
(831) 678-6462