Library/Media Center


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Expectations for student use of the library include:

  1. During class time, student must have their student planner pass to enter and present the pass to the library media specialist as they enter the library.
  2. Students must write their name, time, and date on the sign-in sheet in the library.
  3. Food and drink (including water) are not permitted in the library.
  4. A quiet respectful voice is used in the library at all times.
  5. Borrowed books are to be returned to the bin under the counter at the check-out station.
  6. Books, viewed but not checked out, are to be returned to the re-shelving carts, near the checkout count.
  7. Students are not allowed to move furniture in the library.
  8. The library media center is open for materials check-out during library hours.
  9. V. monitors will be used for school purpose only and must be reserved for group usage.
  10. The Site Technology Specialist will be available in the Court Yard at lunch time to support IPad issues for students.

Library book check out:

  1. Students may check out two books each week and books may go home.
  2. All books are checked out for 7 days.
  3. Students may recheck a book if the book has not been reserved for another student or teacher.
  4. Books can be renewed as long as there is no hold on them.
  5. Students who have overdue books may not check out other books until the overdue books are returned.

Library privileges may be temporarily suspended if a student chooses to not follow any of the above expectations or procedures.

For further support on learning more about library and media services to advance your child’s academic learning goals please contact Annette Aguilar, District-wide Library/Media Center Services and Tamara Gonzalez, Library Clerk.