W.E.B. (Where Everybody Belongs)

 Flyer for W.E.B. orientation can be found here.

W.E.B. (Where Everybody Belongs) is Main Street Middle School’s newest transition/mentoring program to be implemented during the 2019-2020 school year.  The advisors for W.E.B. are Mr. Eddie Torres and Ms. Kimberly Amador.


What is W.E.B.?  W.E.B. is a nation-wide program that is designed to help seventh grade students’ transition from elementary school to middle school. The goal of the program is to help students feel comfortable at Main Street Middle School and assist in helping seventh grade students achieve success in their first year in middle school.


The W.E.B program consists of W.E.B Leaders, who are current eight grade students that met the qualification of being a good role model and a positive leader on campus. Each W.E.B leader is assigned to mentor a group of seventh grade students and help them out academically and socially throughout their 7th grade year.


Below is a list of activities that seventh grade students will have the opportunity to participate in throughout the year along with a description of each activity.


Description of Event How The Event Helps
Seventh Grade Orientation

(Before school begins)

This is the start of the program. It is here where seventh grade students first meet their W.E.B Leader along with the W.E.B Coordinator. This Orientation is executed in a way where seventh grade students are welcomed to the school in a positive and comfortable way by a teacher and given an opportunity to become comfortable with their W.E.B Leader. They are also given strategies that will help make their first year at middle school a successful one. Strategies are given through large and small group activities. This event provides seventh grade students with a comfortable and welcoming environment to Main Street Middle School. They are led through activities by a W.E.B coordinator who is a teacher at the school and W.E.B Leaders who are eight grade students that have experiences at the school already. The W.E.B Leaders have an opportunity to share their experiences with seventh grade students and make connections that will last the whole year.
First Day of School Support

(First Day of School)

The first day of school has arrived and the seventh grade students now know a W.E.B Leader that they can go to for help. W.E.B Leaders can be identified by their W.E.B shirts. The first day of school can be very stressful, especially since this is a new environment for seventh grade student. Orientation sets the stage so that seventh grade students have a W.E.B Leader that they can go to when they have questions or are lost. W.E.B Leaders make themselves visible by wearing their shirts on the first day so that all seventh grade students know that if they need help, they can find it with the W.E.B. Leaders and can quickly identify them.
Academic/Social Follow-Ups

(Once per Quarter)

W.E.B Leaders will meet with their group of seventh grade students to discuss academics, social events, and check up on what support students may need. These activities will be during lunch or after school and will focus in on what is happening at Main Street Middle School. In addition to supporting seventh grade students at the beginning of the year, W.E.B Leaders also check in with seventh grade students throughout the year to offer extra support and help students become more involved. W.E.B Leaders have already introduced themselves and they keep the relationship going year-round to help seventh grade students build confidence and achieve success.
W.E.B Leader Recruitment

(March - April)

Applications will open for seventh grade students to become W.E.B Leader for the following year. This is the time for seventh grade students to give back during the eight grade year. They have been through the year long program and have an idea of what W.E.B is all about. This is their chance to continue mentoring the next class of incoming seventh grades.