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  Tech Device Support Students IPads During School Closure

Your Tech Team continues to provide support to you during these challenging times while at the same time following social distancing guidelines. If you have a damaged iPad that needs repair, please call the cell phone repair store CPR at 831-676-3234 to arrange for the iPad to be dropped off at the store, or they can pick it up at your home. We will continue our procedures of adding the repair fee to your student account. If you need tech support not related to a damaged device repair, please email: If you are unable to email tech help because your tech issue is due to email/internet access issues, please contact the District Office at (831) 678-3987 and leave a detailed message with your name and call back number, so we can contact you to provide support. Voicemails are only checked a few times a day so please do try to email tech help if you can as this is the fastest way to get you support.

Thank you for your patience and understanding while we do our best to provide support while social distancing. Continue working hard and know that we are here to support you during this.

The SUSD Tech Team.

A Message From the Principal:


June 5, 2020

Dear Parents and Students of Main Street Middle School,

The school year has ended and it just went so fast.  And the way the school year concluded is like no other experience we have ever had in our lives, a pandemic that closed our school and shelter in place throughout the county, state and nation.

During the 4th quarter when COVID-19 closed the school, it is important to take this moment and commend all students at Main Street Middle School as 92% of our student body completed either a Google classroom assignments or the distance learning packets and in some cases students did both. This also deserves a special shout-out for the endless support by parents. You as parents made time available to ensure your child was completing the work or coming by the school to pick-up or drop-off packets.  You modeled an expectation you have for your child to succeed as a learner.

Thursday, June 4th was Main Street Middle School Promotional Ceremony Drive-Thru Ceremony to honor 364 8th grade Trojans and their families. What a fantastic day. Sunshine and happiness everywhere.  Together, everyone made the most of a special day to honor our students and their achievements. 81 students in the Class of 2020 had a grade point average above 3.5.  166 students in the Class of 2020 had a grade point average of 3.0 and above.  Congratulations to the following students for achieving the Top 10 Honors- Diego Guillen, Valedictorian, Liliana Negrette, Salutatorian, Chloe Arriaga, Alexia Calderon, Bryanna Canchola, Danneli Fernandez, Angel Garcia, Nathan Hernandez, Jocelyn Quezada, and Katherine Amaro Ramos.

To Main Street Middle School Class of 2021, your work in the classroom demonstrates 64% of you earned the A or B Honor roll.  Continue to push yourselves next year to be of the best in your studies and collaborate with each other to explore, discover, and learn from one another.  You have much talent as a class academically, socially and making a positive difference in the Soledad Community.  You are a great group of Trojans. Continue to be Trustworthy, Responsible, Opportunities, Just do it, Accountable, Never ever give up, and Success is yours to have.

May everyone enjoy a safe and healthy summer. Keep joy in every day, be kind, be generous, and keep on learning! Thank you for all of the support during the 2019-20 school year.


Lois M. Peterson, Ed.D.



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