Homework, Projects, Assignments


Homework, assignments and projects serve to supplement and complement classroom instruction.  The purpose of homework and projects are to promote high quality student learning and achievement and to nurture a desire for students to extend their learning.  Students who miss school work shall be given an opportunity to complete all assignments and receive full credit for work completed.

Students are required to complete and take all finals during the designated finals time.  Finals will not be permitted to be taken early, unless with administrative approval.

Homework is designed to be an extension of class work and can account for 5-10% of the student’s grade.  The majority of a student’s grade will be based on in-class work and assessments.  Students are expected to read 30 minutes a night. Students are expected to practice and to achieve mastery of a lesson objective in class.  Homework will be assigned as it relates to the objectives of the course if additional practice is necessary.  All homework is accepted, without penalty, and students are expected to complete all homework.

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